About Us

About Us

Ayrford Agencies is an importer & wholesaler of hardware and rural supplies throughout Australia. Owned by the Barr Glebe Group Pty Ltd, an Australian family company, Ayrford Agencies has supplied hardware and rural outlets since 1993.

OUR VISION: 'To be an indispensable supplier and business growth partner'

OUR MOTTO: 'Raising the bar and standing out'


** Sourcing consistent supply of quality products.

** Efficient warehousing and rapid supply nationwide.

** Effective brand recognition and representation.

** Securing customer trust and loyalty.

** Uncompromising standards in designing and manufacturing superior finished products.

** Employee cohesion and satisfaction in contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.

 Based in the thriving city of Warrnambool, famed for its coastal beauty, we service Australia effectively with business development manager representation, website with shopping cart, email marketing and phone follow-up customer service.