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Woolshed & Shearing
Woolshed & Shearing

Woolshed & Shearing

Quality woolshed and shearing products for all applications:

* Tumut 8-tie Woolshed Brooms with heavy duty 28mm wooden handle in 2 types to suit different applications.

* Choice of shearers scrubs and accessories.

4006Ayrford Shearers Scrub Wooden Back Nylon Bristles Australian Made1
4009Ayrford Shearers Scrub Wooden Back Millet Bristles Australian Made1
8205Ayrford Ezy Sweep with Wooden Handle Australian Made1
10060Ayrford Extenda Sweep with Telescopic Handle Australian Made1
10080Ayrford Woolshed Blue Batts Plastic Australian Made 1
T0295Tumut Woolshed Broom Pure Millet 8-Tie with 28mm Wooden Handle 12
T0396Tumut Woolshed Broom Millet/ Cane 8-Tie with 28mm Wooden Handle 12